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If you would like to become a PRO-VN Flytyer please email your images and a few words to Dale for selection. If your using VN products like the tyers below and would like your work published here email Dale with the above items.

Steve Thornton. Great Britain

Learn to tie the Ammonite Nymph correctly.

Hook - B100 Nickel finish #10 - 16
Thread - Dyneema
Underbody - Sticky back lead
Abdomen - Flexibody Mayfly Cream or Clear
Thorax - Flexibody Clear
Legs - English Partridge
Dubbing - Dark or Cream Beaver or Soft Rabbit
Colouring - Edding

Please enjoy.

Dragoslav Mihajlovic. Serbia.

I was born in 1968 in Vranje in the Republic of Serbia.

I studied Economics and Accounting.

I’ve been into fly fishing for 35 years and fly tying for almost 25 years. In the beginning it was a hobby, the love of fur and feather. Then after 5 years I decided the hobby was taking over and I needed to make a decision. It was made I was going to make my living from tying flies.

Over the years since I started I’ve tied well over 200,000 flies. I now consider myself an experienced and knowledgable tyer. I’ve worked for various companies around the world designing and tying flies.

I try to keep all my patterns as original as possible as you will see in the photo’s. Working with Virtual Nymph and using products like Nymph Skin has brought out the creativity in me. I’m trying to imitate aquatic nature’s various shapes and forms as you can see in the flies. Please enjoy.

Alan Bithell. Scotland. Great Britain.

It's now over 40 years since Alan first wrapped thread and feather around a hook with the intention of fooling a fish. Since then the techniques of fly tying have been his subject of intense study.

Years after these first attempts, while serving in the RAF he had the opportunity to pursue fly fishing in the Highlands of Scotland. After his time in the RAF and spending some time in the Middle East he returned to the North West of England, where he met up with Alan Roe, who gave him a good grounding in the basic techniques of fly tying.

Having trained in mechanical engineering it provided with a very analytical way of looking at the subject. His constant search is for a better way, both of tying a fly and of explaining it to the inquiring.
Now once again living in the Highlands, when not slaving over fly tying vice, or keyboard, he can be found on one of his local rivers or lochs trying out a new fly.

Sergio Cordoba. Patagonia. Argentina.

Many years ago I started tying realistic flies. To me these were the ultimate challenge to my tying. I feel they push me a little bit harder and get great satisfaction upon there completion. I’m now using Virtual Nymph’s products in my tying giving me greater realism.